Day Tour from Dublin to Belfast a great excursion

Visit Titanic and Belfast from Dublin

http://www.titanicdaytour.comJoin us on this unique day tour from Dublin, let us take you on a fascinating journey through Ireland’s past, explore Belfast’s remarkable industrial heritage, its troubles, and its remarkable rebirth.  We depart Dublin at 0800 am and return to Dublin at 1800 hrs. We have gaurenteed tickets for the World’s largest Titanic Experience, you will also have free time to explore Belfast city. The story starts in the first gallery with 1912 “boomtown Belfast” and takes you in a caged lift to the fourth floor for an atmospheric six-minute cart ride through the shipyards.                  The third gallery is based around a glass apex with a film projection re-creating the completed Titanic on the slipways outside. It launches into dry dock for fit out, with depictions of the first-, second- and third-class cabins in the next gallery.

The cave section is a journey through the bowels of the ship, projected on the walls. Gallery five is based on the ship’s maiden voyage and re-creates life on board. In the next gallery, the walls narrow and the temperature drops as we trace the timeline of the sinking from iceberg collision to final gasp of air on April 15. The British and American inquiries into the disaster follow in the next gallery.

The final two galleries are just as evocative, devoted to the legends of the ship, with touchscreen displays of Titanic folklore and a voyage to the Nova Scotia seabed where the wreck now lies, using film footage of an ocean dive in 1985. An Ocean Exploration Centre, developed with marine biologists, completes a memorable visit.

Visit Belfast’s Peace Wall

titanicdaytour.comOf the city’s 17 walls, West Belfast’s sections are the most visited. Once in the area it’s easy to determine which side of the divide you’re on: red, white and blue kerbstones, Loyalist murals and Union Jacks indicate you’re on the Shankill. If the kerbs are green, white and gold, the flag is Irish and the murals are Republican, you’re on the Falls. You can cross from one side to the other via access roads at Lanark Way and Northumberland Street. The best viewing section is on the Shankill side where visitors are encouraged to add their signatures to those of the Dalai Lama and former US President Clinton. Art panels showing the area’s political and cultural history have now been added to the wall along Cupar Way (off Lanark Way). Look out for the Orange Order, Battle of the Somme and modern-day international conflicts on this colourful stretch – with blank sections still there for those all-important ‘Give Peace A Chance’ daubs.

Shankill Road

http://www.belfastdaytour.comThe Shankill dates back to the Stone Age, making it the oldest settlement in Belfast. Shankill Road was named in 1831 after the Gaelic Sean Cill meaning Old Church. Today it is a bustling street with shops, cafes and the renowned Shankill Leisure Centre. Explore its Peace Walls and Unionist murals resplendent with Union Jacks and tributes to the Royal Family. One mural of note, beside the Rex Bar, depicts Unionist MP Edward Carson leading the signing of the 1912 Ulster Covenant opposing Irish Home Rule.

Falls Road

http://www.titanicdaytour.comBi-lingual street signs and fluttering Irish flags are the first things visitors often notice when they walk along the Falls. Many murals depict scenes from the Irish Famine or the Nationalist side of the modern political conflict. The most photographed of the latter is on the side of the Sinn Fein offices and features IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands. The area is becoming known as the Gaeltacht Quarter.

The Presidential Trail

http://www.belfastdaytour.comMost people know of the huge Irish Famine migration of the mid 1800s, but few are aware that the first attempted emigration from Ireland to the ‘New World’ was by Ulster-Scots. From these migrants there came a distinguished Ulster-Scots Presidential Roll of Honour including five consecutive Presidents of Ulster-Scots descent from 1885-1909. In more recent times lineage has been traced linking Nixon, Carter, Bush Snr., Clinton and Bush Jr with our northern shores. On President Clinton’s historic visit to NI in Nov 1995 he declared, “I am proud to be of Ulster-Scots stock; I share these roots with millions and millions of Americans…” Other prominent Americans of Ulster-Scots descent include Alamo legend Davy Crockett, writer Mark Twain, actor James Stewart and spine-chilling poet Edgar Allen Poe. Who would have thought such a tiny corner of Europe would have had such an influential role in the formation and development of the USA? Uncover our American roots and spend time exploring some of the following related attractions.

Harland & Wolff Cranes

http://www.titanicdaytour.comWherever you go in the city there’s no escaping Samson and Goliath, two giant, moveable yellow cranes looming over what was once the world’s biggest shipyard. These engineering heavyweights stand at 96m and 106m high, 140m wide and were built in 1969 and 1974 respectively. Despite the demise of Belfast’s shipbuilding industry, they have been preserved as historic monuments.

Belfast City Hall

Belfast city hallThis imposing Portland stone and copper-domed building was completed in 1906 as a symbol of Belfast’s new city status. Queen Victoria stands at the front, and the grounds are dotted with many more statues and monuments. In 1995 the building provided a dramatic backdrop when President Clinton switched on the city’s Christmas lights. Check out The Bobbin cafe, whose name reflects Belfast’s linen-making past, and No Mean City exhibition. And take a free 45min guided tour for a behind the scenes glimpse at this iconic building. So what are you waiting for this day tour from Dublin to Belfast has limited availability, don’t miss this unique opportunity book your seat now

Best value Belfast and Titanic day tour from Dublin

We offer you a fantastic unique option, which allows you plenty of time to explore the spectacular Titanic Experience (2 hour stop) plus (2 hours free time) in Belfast city.

Take all the hassle out of your day tour to Belfast, with guaranteed entrance at the world’s largest Titanic exhibit, right on the very slipways were she was built. We also include a tour of the political murals on both the Falls and Shankill road, with a visit to the peace wall. We have prebooked guaranteed fast track tickets at Titanicbelfast.  So here is the deal.

Option 1 Book with us here’s whats included!

  1. Fully guided tour from Dublin
  2. Tour of political murals on Falls and Shankill roads + visit peace wall (Worth €10)
  3. Guaranteed Entrance ticket for TitanicBelfast (Worth €18)
  4. You skip all the ques
  5. 2 Hour visit at Titanic exhibition
  6. 2 Hours free time in Belfast city
  7. All transfers throughout your day

Option 2 Travel by train from Dublin – Belfast?

  • Now you need to book your ticket for TitanicBelfast (Cost You approx €18)
  • Next book seats on a train from Dublin – Belfast (Cost You approx €23 one-way)
  • Right time for a taxi (Cost You approx €5 one-way)
  • Now if you do the political murals + peace wall (Cost you approx €10)

Add it up and surprise surprise ITS €56 ….                                                                     HOLD ON NOW YOU HAVE TO GET BACK TO DUBLIN 


Our Titanic and Belfast day tour departs Dublin Tuesday, Thursday, Sat & Sun

  1. Departs Dublin 08:00 am
  2. Returns Dublin 18:00 am

Book Now online Simply a great deal, with professional guides, and an award winning day tour company this tour is operated by Day Tours unplugged

Titanic Belfast day tours from Dublin News update

Book your seat on a unique day tour to Titanic Belfast from Dublin

Launches 17 April 2012 (only 29 seats) Departs Dublin 07:50 am

Visit the world’s largest Titanic experience in her home port Belfast. Your tour ticket includes guaranteed entrance into the iconic New Titanic centre.

Visitors will learn about the construction of the Titanic and the story of Northern Ireland’s industrial and maritime heritage.

The tour is divided into nine sections, starting with 1912 Belfast and moving through the ship’s construction, launch, maiden voyage and sinking. It deals with the popular culture it inspired, and how its remains were located in 1985 by US oceanographer Prof Robert Ballard. Book your seats now


Mystery benefactor returns Titanic letter to Belfast

Titanic letter returns to Belfast

Posted on March 13, 2012

Belfast Titanic Experience visit the world’s largest Titanic Experience, join us on our historic day tour to Belfast from Dublin.

A mystery benefactor has stepped in to ensure a valuable letter written by an officer days before he died on the Titanic will return to his home town. Dr John Simpson penned to his mother onboard the doomed liner would be bought by a private collector when it was put up for auction in New York with a $34,000 reserve price.

But after hearing about a campaign by relatives of the ship’s assistant surgeon to bring the letter back to his native Belfast a mystery donor stepped in and bought it for the city just weeks before the 100th anniversary of the tragedy.

According to witnesses who survived the 1912 sinking, 37-year-old Dr Simpson stood with fellow officers on the deck of the stricken vessel as it went down. His great-nephew Dr John Martin said he was happy the letter was coming back to where it belonged. ”I’ve never actually seen the original letter itself as it was last in Belfast in the 1940s before Dr Simpson’s son moved away.

”So for it to be on its way back is just amazing and so appropriate now just ahead of the 100th anniversary of his death. We are so thankful to the benefactor.”

The letter, dated 11 April 1912 and written on notepaper headed RMS Titanic, was brought ashore at Cobh, Co Cork (then called Queenstown) before the ship set sail for the US.

It was dispatched to his mother Elizabeth who was living in Belfast’s Dublin Road. In it, the married father-of-one, who was then based in Liverpool, said he was tired but settling into his cabin well. He had worked on the Titanic’s White Star Line sister ship the Olympic for a year previously and observed to his mother that the accommodation on board his new vessel was larger.

Dr Simpson also complained he had found one of his trunks unlocked and $5 or $6 had been stolen from his pocket book. The surgeon, who treated second and third-class passengers, signed off: “With fondest love, John.”

It is intended that the letter will go on display in Belfast.

Day tours from Dublin to Belfast it will be Titanic

Check out this video Titanic Belfast 2012

Starting 17 April 2012
Award winning Day Tours from Dublin every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
Titanic Belfast day tours

Tour departs: 0800 am
Arrives in Belfast 10:30 am
Entrance into Titanic Belfast Experience is GUARANTEED
After your visit to this brand new TITANIC EXPERIENCE you will have free time to explore Belfast
Tour departs Belfast: 15:30 hrs
Returns: 1800 hrs

BOOK YOUR SEATS NOW ONLY 29 seats per day

Visit Worlds Largest Titanic exhibition plus Belfast on a day tour from Dublin


Titanic Belfast day tours from DublinHistory of Belfast City Hall For many centuries, Belfast was a small settlement. Everything changed in 1613, when a Royal charter gave Belfast town status. It expanded rapidly, becoming an important port and manufacturing cent By the end of the 19th century, Belfast had outgrown its status as a town and was a major industrial powerhouse, known for its shipbuilding, rope making, engineering, tobacco and textile industries.

In 1888, Queen Victoria gave Belfast the title of city and it was generally agreed that a new city hall was needed to reflect this change in status.

Groups visiting Dublin are you interested in visiting the Worlds Largest Titanic exhibit plus plenty of free time to explore Belfast?

Building work Negotiations to acquire the one and a half acre White Linen Hall site, located in Donegall Square, began in 1896 and a price of £30,000 was agreed. Built by local firm…

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